Faculty: Management and Transport
Level of studies: Master studies
Language: English

Diploma of graduate of following studies in English language will be proof of skills in management area and language references, that could be strong attribute for employers.
Example of lectures:
Management concepts
Ethics in management
Mathematical statistics
Civil law
Intellectual and industrial property protection
Foreign language II
Strategic management
Management accounting
Commercial law
Sociology of organization and management
Psychology in management
Foreign language II
Business process management
International marketing
Brand management
Innovation management
European competition policy
Business process management in the EU
Commercial contracts
Business environment of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus
Economic mediation
Management of international companies
International economic relations
Economic Lobbing

Presentation about
Our University

30 October 2020
The Vice-Rector's Welcome Address At the virtual welcome day, Vice-Rector Izabela Rajzer delivered a speech for the international students of the UBB. Have a look!

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30 October 2020
Eclipses and shadows A painter and singer, Magdalena Łazar-Massier presents her works at the University Academic Gallery. The virtual opening of the exhibition entitled "Eclipses and shadows" took place during the University Senate meeting on October 27. The exhibition will be open until 20 November 2020.

Magdalena Łazar-Massie shows us mainly nocturne paintings that illustrate the synthesis of her thoughts and emotions related to the space of the real landscape, remembered and transferred to canvas or paper in the form of a collage. Her way of artistic expression is rich in inexpressible metaphorical symbols that are a record of traces of memory related to her life.

The exhibition is curated by prof. Ernest Zawada.

Visit the exhibition here.

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